52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 31: Wood

Week 31 of the weekly pet photography challenge brings us ‘wood’.

There’s soo many things you could do with this theme, and this week I chose a different kind of animal to show you – my Degus!

I got these little critters in 2014, I was supposed to be getting rats but these came first (I ended up with 4 rats after) and they’re great fun to watch. Cheeky and escaped their cage more than I care to remember!

I would have loved to go out and get some nice woody photos but I didn’t have to get wet in all the rain we’ve been having to get these 😉



I hope you enjoyed my take on ‘wood’ this week and make sure to carry on around the circle to see all the other images! Next up we have Linda from VP Shoots Photography, serving Pets and People in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.


It’s my 23rd birthday this month  and I’m offering a huge 50% discount on sessions to celebrate! Come and have a look to see which package would suit you and take advantage! Until next week!




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