52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 30: Shadows

Week 30 of the pet photographers 52 week challenge is all about shadows.

As you know, shadows are caused when the light is blocked by an object casting a dark area, and the first thing I thought of was a shadow on the ground. Of course the great thing about this challenge is we show our perspective of the theme… which didn’t end up being a shadow on the ground.

I’ve been busy with behind the scenes work and refreshing my website this week so time got away. The weather has been pretty dismal here and when the sun did come out I wasn’t able to take photos of any shadows!

I did meet this gorgeous girl though!



This blog gets published on a Friday and here we are at 22.06 on Thursday evening having only just managed to get the photo! Unfortunately this week its not going to be a very fun blog to read as I really struggled with this one.

I took a photo way back in 2010 of Bailey against a wall with the light spilling in from the window and as I was frantically trying to think of how to get a shadow photo this came into my mind..


Granted, it’s not amazing but it gave me an idea. Sadly we no longer have a blank wall or sofa near a window!

This is the best I could come up with, very tight space in my kitchen and one light. I wish I had more space on the right but there’s an ugly dresser there, however I suppose it shows more focus on the shadow! If nothing else, it shows a bit of the aging process from a 4 year old to 11 🙂


That’s this week wrapped up, and don’t forget to continue around the blog circle until you get back here! Next up is Rochelle from Dark Sapphire Pet Photography, Nelson, New Zealand!

Until next time!



5 comments on “52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 30: Shadows

  1. You did a nice job showing how you can use everyday light, such as windows and doors, to create a more interesting depth to an image with shadows. It’s not always about having the best location or amazing light, but finding ways to create amazing light by changing your perspective.


  2. I love how you used the shadow in your first and last images! The contrast is just beautiful and really helps capture your grey-faced sweetheart!


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