SAAL Digital Photobooklet Review 

First off, apologies for these photos, I can take photographs of animals all day long but place an object in front of me and it becomes a little more difficult! I used my phone for these too!

I was fortunate enough to be selected to test one of SAAL Digitals photobooklet.

The whole process from start to finish was very simple and effortless to do.

They supply you with software to download where you can also create other products they have on offer, all in one place!

Once you select the size of photo booklet you would like (I chose A4), how many pages and  which images you would like to use, there are varieties of layouts you can choose from to display a set of photos or just to add something different. 

Delivery was fast once ordered and I was excited to see the product!

The booklet is nice and flexible and features a protective front and back cover which is great, obviously.


The pages don’t feel flimsy or cheap, they’re nice to turn! Printing wise, spot on!

Overall I am very happy with the booklet and it’s a great way to take your work with you to events for display! The team at SAAL have done a brilliant job and I’m excited to purchase some more products in the future!

I can see myself ordering one of these for next year!


Thank you to SAAL!




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