52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 29: Sky

This weeks theme was a little easier than the ‘comic’ theme last week! There’s always a sky; but there’s so many different skies you can capture.

We’ve been quite lucky this week in the rainy North West, and have been able to enjoy some warm weather and blue skies!

I put a model call out  and met up with 2 dogs. Here is Freddy on Tuesday evening. This was one of the hottest days and at 5pm, still hadn’t cooled down enough for what I wanted. I didn’t want him to be in the sun so we went into the shade and played around with shots there. No skies though. So on the way between the shady spots we placed him on a bench and I shot up. An unusual shot but it shows the sky!


On Monday morning I met up with 9 month old Jax, a Collie X Spaniel and his owner Emily, who is a Singer/Vocal Coach at The Music Attic. I fell in love with his eyes when she sent me photo’s of him and he was even more beautiful in person! I knew I had to get some sky shots with him, but if only I had met him in the Bokeh challenge!!


Anyway back to this weeks challenge!  It was another beautiful morning and I did manage to get some shots with the sky in!



With sunny days you usually get a great sunset. So I set myself the challenge on Monday evening to take Bailey to a hill to try and get some sunset shots. If you’ve read my past attempt at sunset photos you’ll understand I had some of the same issues regarding livestock!

This will probably look absolutely terrible but here is the result!


A little more practice needed but I’m excited to try more!

This is all I have to offer with skies, I could have gone for the dull grey skies that are currently coming over now but we get enough of them here 😉

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to go round the circle to see everyone elses photos starting with Linda with VP Shoots Photography in Tampa, Florida!


18 comments on “52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 29: Sky

  1. I love the angle on your first photograph – very unique. The second photo with all the beautiful bokeh is very nice!!! You got a few good images with the sky – the one with the dramatic sunset has great colors – nice job. One thing I did notice in your blog is that you mentioned you ‘put out a model call’ to get dogs for your shoots? I’m thinking maybe I need to try and do something like that so I can get more variety in the dogs I shoot – do you do this to a group of friends? or thru facebook ??


    • Thank you Linda! I was hoping he would look down but every time he did he would want to jump off so ended up with that 😉
      Appreciate your comments 🙂 I realised how little sky usually gets put into my work doing this project!
      I put an ad on facebook yeah, I was wanting to use dogs around my area but a few came from further afield which gives more opportunity for the beach etc :). I’ll also keep a log of the ones I think will be able to be used in the future too!


  2. Wowza! These are great! Quick question: the last image, is that with off-camera flash? I attended an OCF workshop last night and I’m feeling so inspired to play with it.


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