52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 27: Comic

**Its actually week 28 excuse that!** 

Oh man, what a week!
Welcome to this weeks theme of ‘comic’.

When I was first thinking of ideas for this one, I imagined ferrets. They are something I find funny everyday, only they are incredibly fast, jump around too much and generally don’t cooperate!


Sock mad Shadow
I decided to go ahead and take their photos anyway and set up the white backdrop. Sure they were bouncing around and being funny, but I wasn’t sure it was enough. Then they thought it would be a good idea to go under the backdrop..


Cole, who is a horrendous biter, but becoming better!

My homebred 5 year old Jasper




Anyway when it came to editing, I was going through and trying to make them look like they were in a comic book although, as you can see from Cole’s photo above it didn’t really work.

So I went one step further and decided to compile the funniest images from the lot into one photo. The idea of bathtime was suggested to me and so this is how it turned out. 4th attempt at creating it as I’m not really experienced with manipulation and on my second attempt, Photoshop crashed and had to take a break.

So this is something completely different from me, and I doubt we’ll see anything like it in my work again haha. Just try and see past the horrendous editing 😉



That’s all for this weeks project, next head on over to the wonderful Jessica Wasik of Bark & Gold Photography celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people.


I have an exciting time coming ahead with some new equipment, and models so be sure to look out for that!




14 comments on “52 Week Photography Challenge/Week 27: Comic

  1. When I was growing up, a friend had a ferret. This is WAAAY before they were fashionable. LOL. I loved it and wanted one, but my parents said no way. So I got a hamster. Loved your photos. Brought back ferret memories.


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