52 Week Project/Week 27: Bokeh

I’m late to this party and I’m gutted I only found out about it last week! Although this is week 27, it’s my week 1. The 52 week project was the main reason I started this blog, and each week a theme is posted to the group and each member will write a blog post then link to the next members blog, forming a ‘circle’ so you go through each until you reach where you started. It’s a great way to look at how each person interprets the theme, for the photographers to try new things and of course you get to see lots of cute animals!

This week the theme was bokeh, the lovely softย  blur you often see on photos, usually seen in photos of lights!

I was excited to get out and see what I could come up with. As it happens, it was a lot more difficult than I thought to get the image I had in my head the light I wanted wasn’t appearing at the right time!

These are what I came up with though!

He was asleep on a hutch and I had to wake him up!

The next image I had taken many times in the past, usually when thereย  are less leaves to let light through though!

Timmy on the shed roof, a favourite place for a couple of the cats.

Back to Solero. To get this I used my 18-55mm and got down on the wet grass to catch the light in the tree. He had just come out of hiding and I wanted to catch him before he wandered off again.


Here’s a little before photo. He didn’t take kindly to me trying to clean his face!

solero before

The next photo is just for fun and probably displays his thoughts on that cleaning!

He’s no way the lion he think he is.

Finally, Prince!

I loved the eye contact he gave me here as he stretched


So that’s week 27. I hope you enjoyed my take on it and be sure to click through the rest of the circle to see the great photos the others have to offer! Next up is Elaine Mueller Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography serving Northeastern PA and surrounding areas.

Thanks for reading!




24 comments on “52 Week Project/Week 27: Bokeh

  1. Welcome aboard! It’s a fun project and it definitely pushes you to think outside the box some weeks. I enjoyed seeing your images and look forward to what else you’ll come up with down the road!


  2. Gorgeous images! The light looks amazing! Love the last image with the purple splashes in the bokeh… and the cat’s expression is priceless! Welcome and stunning first post!!!


  3. Great to have you as part of the blog circle. I love what you have done with these kitty images, and the face cleaning before and after. ๐Ÿ™‚


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