Sunset Struggles!

I had the idea on Sunday afternoon to go and get some sunset photos. I wanted to find a hill or other high vantage point to use and the first hill I could think of is a 15 minute or so walk from my house. I have to avoid most fields these days due to developing a fear of sheep a couple of years ago, (you can laugh, it’s ok, everyone else does!) Anyway, so I knew there could be a possibility of sheep somewhere so I went out to quickly check, and the first field was full of them.

Nevermind, rushed back home and went to plan 2. I decided to go to a field by the river where I could use the banks to place Bailey on and the sun should show fine due to no trees! A very quick walk and 20 minutes later I was nearly at the field…and cows!

Plan 3 and I would have to move quickly if I was to get any photos at all. Back over the river and into a field that was clear. Unfortunately the trees were blocking most of the sun but it was peeking through a small gap so I used that.

We had a fun time regardless, and Bailey doesn’t really move like he used to, so when attempting to get action photos, he stayed in trot most of the time!

Overall we were out for around 90 minutes and the sunset wasn’t too spectacular so I didn’t come away disappointed! When taking photos of Bailey I’m just happy if he shows some interest 🙂

edit in lr-1-1.jpg
Luckily the sheep were on the other side of the river!


bailey web-1
Here I was down the side of the river bank and Bailey had stopped to see why I was near the scary water!

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