Patience = Results!

Well, sort of.

Motivated by last nights studio shots, I played around with Suki again which she enjoyed and gave me this very cute head tilt!


Then, a moment of madness and I decided, as I set this blog up for challenges and the like, that I would get Bailey on the backdrop!

I found a little storage box for him to sit on, treats and plenty of encouragement. Space is limited and it was difficult finding the right places for a shot. He was doing really well and even had his ears up a couple of times. I had to keep adjusting my camera settings, and experimenting with what would look best. I was sure I had the images I wanted and went to load them up onto the PC. Hmm, not as good as I had hoped.


So back we went, and this time armed with peanut butter, I got him back in position and went through it all again. I was determined to come out with something cute, and where he doesn’t look too bored!


Finally we ended up with what I started out for. Ears forward? Check. Looking in the direction of the camera? Check. Not looking too bored? Check!








Over the next few days I’m going to be working on the weekly theme challenge so I look forward to getting that posted.




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