Challenging myself. 

I’m a natural light photographer. It’s the way I started and it’s the way I work 99% of the time. I’ve always admired studio shots of pets and how finished and smart they look but never explored that avenue as such.

In December 2016 I purchased some lights and backdrops. Nothing fancy but  just something to help me learn. It’s a very basic kit but I am hopefully getting some nice shots off it. I wanted to do some Christmassy photos as it was that time of year!

Suki cooperating!


Not quite the way I had imagined it would turn out!

The one cat who always seems to be right there when I set it up is prince and so he’s usually the one having his photo taken! I feel he looks good against the black as it makes my favourite feature of his stand out – which of course is his eyes.

Our dog Bailey is definitely not one to be using the set up so for a different type of animal I grabbed one of the ferrets and stuck him on it! (Had to have a helping hand holding him still though!)

Smart Oliver

Fast forward to today and I thought as I have until Wednesday to wait for the weekly challenge I will challenge myself. And a challenge it was.

It’s grey and raining and I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to sit outside and pose for ages so out came the lights, meaty treats and I grabbed a couple of cats. Prince, of course, and Suki. I didn’t know how long Suki would sit still for and I wasn’t sure how she would feel about wearing a bow tie! It wasn’t too successful and Prince was more behaved than Suki even though he’s many years younger!

prince enoguh
You can see he wasn’t amused with Suki!

I ended up cutting it short due to Suki’s attention span going in other directions and working solo was proving to be difficult. Still, I ended up with a little idea of what I was looking for!


Wish I hadn’t amputated her though!


And finally, Prince sitting smartly wondering why.. prince

That’s all for today! Hope you like looking through the photos of the cats and times when things don’t go to plan! Challenge sort of accomplished 🙂



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