First off I’d like to introduce myself to those who don’t already know me. I’m Sam, a pet and equine photographer based just outside of Lancaster in the UK.

I first started getting interested in photography in 2010 and practiced with my pets as there were plenty to use! The years went on and I upgraded my kit, knowledge and passion.

I now take bookings and have frequently done sessions at the lovely Heysham Barrows, Williamsons Park in Lancaster and the Crook o’ Lune in Caton.

I have started this blog as a place to take part in challenges, show some behind the scenes stuff and maybe a little competition here and there!

A blog without photos wouldn’t be too fun to read so here’s a quick introduction to some of my animals that will pop up here quite a lot!


IMG_1324 - Copy
Bailey – 11 year old Staffy. Not a fan of the camera!
I’m not joking – look at that face!


Prince. I got him in 2016, and he loves the camera attention!


Solero – 7 years old. He’s also a little grumpy but has the most amazing blue eyes.
A SOOC shot

So they will be my main models. I have a few more but we would be here all night! One I wish I could still use as a model is the lovely Jack who I sadly lost in 2016.

Jack – 2006 – 2016.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for some more posts coming soon!





2 comments on “Hi!

    • Thanks Sam! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses and how cooperative my pets will be! ๐Ÿ™‚


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